I married my husband in a beautiful beach ceremony in March of 2009.  Now that the honeymoon is over, life goes on.  My husband is a very logical person; I am not.  Sometimes this is funny.  I share those moments with you all.  And a few other random life experiences.

What else?

I remember names better than I remember faces.
I prefer toenail polish in red or pink.
If I didn't get married, I was sure I'd end up being the "crazy cat lady"
I can make chocolate chip cookies from scratch - without a recipe.
I really like cookies.
I've cried at two movies, ever, and one of them was a kid's cartoon.
If I were a tree, I'd be a willow.
I got drunk for the first time on a boat in the Carribbean.
I was 19 and there was unlimited rum punch.
I like hot chocolate best with cool whip.
My favorite color is purple.
I once knitted a scarf and changed a flat tire on the same day.
In sixth grade, I won the school spelling bee.
I can parallel park with style...(my husband disagrees).
I don't sing in the shower.
I'm an awful singer.
I have valid library cards in five different states.
I've always got room for dessert.
I've never had braces.
I suck at interior decorating.
My favorite creature comfort is a hot shower.
I know how to hypnotize frogs.
I'm not a morning person.
I used to collect stamps.
I like things that smell pretty.
And I write this blog.  Read it.  Follow me!  Tell your friends!

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